The most effective NON SLIP guitar pick!


NEW and IMPROVED! Sand textured oval designs for better finger grip. More control with less pressure


Once you hold one of these unique guitar picks between your fingers you'll immediately feel the secure and comfortable connection like no other guitar pick on the market.  Whether you play acoustic, electric, lead, rhythm guitar, mandolin or banjo, these unique, NON SLIP guitar picks will not turn in your fingers or slip away after hours of playing a live performance!  An awesome solution to an age old problem!


Finding a better way to play guitar


Jimspick is an innovative approach to produce the most effective, non slip guitar pick.  These custom, premium quality, celluloid guitar picks (351 standard shape, medium .71mm and heavy 1.0mm) are now available to all musicians that desire perfection.
Unlike other grip picks, jimspicks are handcrafted with a thin, "sand textured grip" permanently affixed onto both sides of the pick, right where you need it. Comfortable, secure and "extremely grippy" for any musician.

Jimspick SAND GRIPS  can be purchased separately in full size (24mm wide) for standard picks or small size (18mm wide) for jazz picks. Peel and stick to your favorite picks!


6 jimspicks per packet. $8.99 USD


12 Peel & Stick SAND GRIPS per packet.  $6.99 USD 

(For you to apply to YOUR favorite, smooth  pick- "full size- 24mm wide" or "smaller size- 18mm wide"). Picks not included.

NEW!  Gift Combo. SALE PRICE $15.99 USD


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Small orders (1-5 packets) will be mailed out within 24 hours via USPS. 

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Professional Reviews


elwood jimspick sand grips guitar picks

"... I'll say right off the top that I LOVE the stick on sand grips that I can add to my  own picks! "  

Elwood and Aubrey regularly perform up and down the East Coast.

Erik Lee from Rhode Island


Rhode Island's premier acoustic performer has been entertaining crowds since 2001.  Erik Lee endorses the revolutionary "jimspick" non slip guitar pick.

Severn River Music Annapolis, Maryland

jimspick sand grip guitar picks

 GEAR REVIEW 2017:  "The Most Grippy Guitar Pick in the Universe!".  These picks are GRIPPY!  I think these picks have the sweet spot of pick texture. I played a few licks, some solos and HEAVY strumming. "You can grip the hell out of these picks and they aren't going anywhere.  Definitely worth a try!"

Jake Posko- Owner

The Barstool Bandits on Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

jimspick guitar picks sand grips

This classic rock duo enjoyed using their  "jimspick" non slip guitar picks all night long and loved them!!!

Follow them on Facebook  TheBarstoolBandits perform in Southwest Florida.

Sandra from New Hampshire

jimspick guitar picks sand grips

Hi. I used my new jimspicks today and I love them!.  I like Dxxxxx picks, but even though they have ridges. they would twirl around in my grip.  With your sand grips,,,,there was no spinning!  This will improve my dulcimer playing.  Thank you.  Great product at a good price!

Metal Jim from Boston

jimspick guitar picks sand grips

Metal Jim uses Jimspick.

"I use a variety of guitar picks and these Jimspick guitar pick grips  are the BEST they don't slip from my fingers when I'm tearing it up on guitar."

Metal Jim from Illusions End band

Janelle Frost from Panama City, Florida


A professional blues guitarist who regularly performs in Florida's panhandle said..."They (Jimspicks) work great Jim Auclair!  I will definitely be ordering more. I'm proud to use and endorse! They are just what I needed to keep me from dropping my picks.  Thank you Jim Auclair and look forward to working with you."  

Another very happy customer!!!

Mark Flynn from Warwick, Rhode Island

jimspick non slip custom guitar picks

"Quick shoutout to Jim Auclair at  I started using his picks a couple of months ago and now can't go back to regular picks.  Any of my friends that play guitar at any level, should check these out!  They are definitely useful."

Mark is a solo, acoustic guitarist with an awesome voice. He  entertains in Rhode Island's pubs and fine restaurants.

Kathy Nace-Jones from Millsboro, Delaware


I received the JIMSPICK non-slip SAND GRIPS and immediately put them on some of my picks. THEY ARE FANTASTIC!  I often find it difficult to hold onto my picks when I'm playing.  Let me tell you, they help keep a grip on my picks.  Kudos to you Jim !  I'll definitely purchase more in the future.

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Made in Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.